Fingertip Set by Vernet


The Vernet thumb and finger tips are quite literally the finest props of this nature you can buy.  Nobody does it better than Vernet.  The skin tone is perfect, the texture is non-reflective.  These tips blend in so well with your hand it's like they're part of it.

Vernet Fingertip Set

It's often said that it doesn't matter how a thumb tip looks since the audience never notices it anyway.  That's not completely true because YOU know how it looks.  Any performer can benefit from the added confidence that comes with wearing a tip that is darn near invisible!

You can do so many things with a thumb tip, and even more with different sizes, finger and even pinkie tips.  Vanishing objects is just the beginning.  There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of effects that you could perform.

This package contains every size thumb and finger tip that Vernet makes.  It even includes their medium soft thumb tip.  Save by purchasing them together as a kit today and we'll even throw in a silk to help you get started!

7 tips in all, includes full instructions.

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