Floating Apple Kit


The Floating Apple gives new meaning to the phrase, "Light Lunch".

An ordinary looking apple moves mysteriously and then begins to LEVITATE into the air!  It is now apparent that this is no ordinary apple!

Your audience is amazed as they see the apple float up into the air and then slowly levitate from one hand to the other!

It's the same floating apple you see in the demo below, at about halfway in.  You'll be able to perform any of the routines below as well!  Your kit contains everything you need, including a complete Web Spinner!


This mind-blowing illusion is easy enough for a beginner to learn.  Everything you need is included.

It gets a great reaction since it uses an object everyone is familiar with, and everyone knows how heavy an apple is.  When they see it lift off, their jaws will drop!

Suitable for any skill level, no prior magical experience is required.  If you've been wondering what the easiest way to get into levitations is, THIS IS IT!  You'll have the apple floating in the air just minutes after opening the box!

It's a great ice-breaker for walk around magic, plays big and is a real attention-getter.  It's also a perfect trick for a non-magician since the apple is a common object.  It looks like you just pulled it out of the refrigerator.

Here's what's included:

Get all these items, a full $75 dollars in value for just $60 when you order the kit!

Looking for just the apple?

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by mario d
I have bought this effect. and I would like to place a review: first of all the company... I bought it exactly one week ago. It was shipped to me one week ago and I received it in 7 days. Being from Europe this is rather impressive. I had to wait 4 weeks from some things out of the states. now the product: What do you get in the package: - a web spinner - 4 cards of wax - a small piece of wax (in the web spinner package) - eve thread (seperate) - john haar ez strip thread - eve thread (with the web spinner) - a dvd with extra handling for the web spinner by steve Fearson - a realistic looking apple I was very impressed with the shipping. The package was neatly packaged. I loved the effect in the demo. If you know the Fearson hookup then this is not something new and you could just as easily pick up the apple seperately. I experimented with the Fearson hookup but I was going to buy the web spinner seperately, but didn't because this package was much cheaper in my

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Stephanie B
It's kind of expensive for what is being delivered. Also the instructions are generic and not focused at 'the Floating Apple'. I'd say skip this unless you really need an apple and get one of his 'training' dvds. If you really need a floating apple, you better be good with thread.

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars [2 of 5 Stars]

by Jan Harry H
The green apple is marvellous! Looks real frome close up view and is light enough to be carried with one single strand of vectra line in Fearson hook up, if proper training is invested which it deserves. It could even be better if one could get an apple with one single bite bitten from it. Then you could start the routine by simulating taking a bite with a real little apple bite prepared in the mouth on beforehand.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)