Vectra Virtuoso - Expert Grade Invisible Thread


Vectra Virtuoso is the most invisible of the Vectra threads.  It is also the most delicate but still surprisingly strong.  It's able to hold a credit card or drivers license with ease.

This thread can be used in a wide variety of lighting conditions, just INCHES from the noses of your audience!

Virtuoso has an ultra-smooth texture.  Unlike other fibers that are kinky and springy, Virtuoso fibers are straight but twisted just enough to hold together and make it manageable during stripping.  You will feel the difference the first time the thread slides across your skin or fingernail.  It feels as smooth as silk, and the smoothness translates into your work.

Virtuoso has a precise amount of elasticity which acts as a shock absorber, improving your levitations by eliminating small jerks or shakiness.  You can actually flick the line while floating something and the levitating object will stay still.  Where other lines amplify your mistakes, Virtuoso corrects them.  Live, in real time. 

Virtuoso's elasticity is not to be confused with "springiness".  A kinky or heavily twisted thread behaves like a spring.  Riggings for theatrical levitation have utilized an elastic, attaching it to the levitation wire in order to remove bounces from the performer and smooth out their flight.  Of course the degree of elasticity must be perfect. It is with Virtuoso.

And of course Virtuoso is Virtually Invisible, perfect for extremely up close and personal performances.

(Watch a full performance using the Virtuoso thread)

With just the right tint Virtuoso readily absorbs light from throughout the spectrum, including natural light.  Combine that with lessened reflectivity due to a straight-edged profile, and we see Virtuoso outperforming even our famous John Haar brand thread.  We invite you to try it for yourself and see if you agree.    

(Wondering which thread is right for you?  Compare our threads)

Do you have the skills to work with the finest, most invisible stuff out there?

Do you value control more than convenience?

If you answered YES, then Vectra Virtuoso is the thread for you.

Vectra Virtuoso arrives as a multi-filament thread which is easily separated into fibers that are virtually invisible.  Your package will include a link to an online video with basic handling instructions.  Although a beginner can work with this thread, it is very delicate when compared to the other threads in the Vectra series.  If you are new to thread work you may find the original Vectra Line to be much easier to work with and less likely to break, making your learning more enjoyable overall.

But if you have a bit of experience with thread work and are ready to take it to the next level by exploring some of the more extreme lighting and close-up performance situations then Vectra Virtuoso is exactly what you're looking for.

You receive well over 500 feet of unstripped thread.  With dozens of fibers in the strand, this means a LOT of thread.

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Also available pre-stripped on Thread Bullets

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by Jenny L
I Have performed thread effects for over 20 years, and have used and worked with every type. I tested Steves Virtuoso thread, and it is the best, and the invisablity is Great. Whatever you use thread for Magic, Illusion, or Mentalist effects, this realy is the thread for the professional. If you are just starting to use thread. I would use this. Get used to the best first. Your Magic will look like real Magic. With great power comes great responsibility. Thanks Steve. Tom Colitto Masters of uIllusion.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by 智麟 朱
The thread was more invisible than common invisible thread. But not stronger than Vectra Line.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

by Timothy R
Virtuoso is EXACTLY what is says. Probably the most "invisible" thread I have ever handled. The opposite side of the coin is not quite as shiny. I have stripped some difficult thread in my time but this one posed the greatest difficulty for me. Not in the stripping but in keeping it from tangeling as you remove the individual fiber. I ended up scrapping half my sample due to this obstical . The next aspect that disappointed me was strength. This thread would be great for floating paper items. Even a whirling card proved too much for the thread. As or setting up prior to performing and the "carry" to the performance area, the thread did not cooperate. It easily tangled and became a knot of un-useable thread. On another note, it does absorbe vibration better than others

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

by James L
The most invisible thread on the market relative to its strength. You can levitate a quarter and the thread is as invisible as the John Harr thread. Best IT on the market now! What a break through!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Zombie M
In over 30 years of working with invisible thread, I have never worked with thread that was as "invisible" as Vectra Virtuoso. it's even more invisible than John Haar thread, but stronger. You can perform the haunted deck as well as levitate quarters and rings. My wife has worked with invisible thread and I called her in to see the bill float. Her eyes were darting around, up and down and then she just looked at me. I asked her if she could see the thread. She said no and thought I was playing a trick on her and was doing something else. I had her tap near the bill and only when it bounced did she believe me. Zombie Magic on The Magic Cafe

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 13 to 17 (of 17 reviews)

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