Ascension - Digital Levitation

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A complete stranger appears to levitate over ONE FULL FOOT in the air in BROAD DAYLIGHT, completely SURROUNDED!

Hard to believe?  You bet it is.  That's why you TAKE A PICTURE of the scene with THEIR camera, leaving them with UNDENIABLE proof and one heck of a souvenier to show their friends online!  Imagine the free publicity you'll receive every time you float someone and give them the pic to share on facebook, twitter, etc.  Word of mouth advertising is priceless.  And a picture is worth a thousand words.  Just imagine how people will react when they see their friend or relative LEVITATING high in the air!

Steve Fearson has developed a new system of levitating people that is not only practical and easy to do, it's also a publicity-generating MACHINE!  People are guaranteed to share a photo of themselves floating and everyone will want to know who made it happen.   This could be the best investment you ever make in magic.

The master of levitations Steve Fearson is back with a brand new way to float all kinds of things... including other people or even yourself!.
We're not talking about thread work.  No wires, magnets or smoke blowing up your you-know-where.  We're talking about an entirely new way to produce the illusion of levitation.  And this time, it's not even happening in this dimension.  Ascension is an illusion produced entirely in the digital realm.

Levitation photos
Levitation truly is an art unto itself.  Magic has only appropriated it.  Unlike typical magic tricks, the effect of levitation can be conveyed fully in a single image or photo.  As humans we are all fascinated by leviation, regardless of how it is achieved.  
Recently, Steve has been exploring the rapidly expanding field of levitation photography.  Levitation artists utilize tricks like having the subject jump or removing supports with photoshop to produce the illusion of levitation in photographs.    While exploring these sometimes laborious techniques, Steve developed a method of producing levitation photos on-the-fly.  Using an ordinay camera, a subject can be made to levitate in a photograph and they don't have to do anything besides pose.  When the photo is revealed, they will be amazed to see themselves floating.  They will also be clueless as to how the illusion was produced.  


This technique will obviously be valuable to the clever magician as well as the levitation-minded photographer as it opens up an entirely new area to explore artistically.  You will find endless opportunities to create scenes since the technique enables you to levitate almost anything.  Balls, trash bins, cars, toys, the sky is the limit!  
Q. Is it easy?
A. It's simple in concept, like painting.  A child can do it but the quality of your pieces will improve as you practice the technique.
Q. Is anyone else "in on" the trick?
A. No.  With minimal audience management you will be able to take an authentic-looking levitation photo and neither your subject or any audience member will know how you did it.
Q.  Is this an app?  Do I need a device?
A.  No.  This is not an app or piece of software.  You can perform it with a borrowed camera and you just point, shoot and share.
What is being offered here is a low-tech solution to a high-tech puzzle.  A very simple technique allows you to create visually STUNNING photographs that have to be seen to be believed.  
In this tutorial you'll learn how to manipulate light and shadow to create these brilliant levitation photos ON-THE-FLY!  Steve will teach you how to build the simple toolkit that will allow you to lift your subjects off the digital ground.
As a bonus, you'll learn the ultimate guerilla technique to rig these leviations in the field, with NO SPECIAL GIMMICKS at all!  At least one of the photos in this ad was taken using this completley impromptu method.  

Levitation photos
REMEMBER... None of the photos in this ad have been retouched, nothing has been photoshopped out.  The pics were taken with various cameras, including an ipod.  They represent the results of the early stages of experimentation with this very new method.  Photos taken in this manner have not been seen before.
Don't miss this chance to hop on board and explore one of the most exciting advances in levitation art and methodology to come along in ages.  Whether you're a magician, photographer, or just a fan of levitation, you'll have a great time learning these techniques.  And you'll love the reactions the photos get!

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by E. A. R
Ascension is interesting but I have not found a useful ploy yet. Setup take more time than I have.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

by Zombie Magic
A clever performer/entrepreneur could make money with this. People are always looking to pose, stick their in things, etc. for photos. Floating would be a fun memento. Ascension is 22 pages and well written, explained. Considering the popularity of apps ( which this is not ) for doing amusing/amazing/funny things, this does an end run letting you do it with their camera, so "app" will not be thought of ( they know what options on their phones ).

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Glenn W
I think that this is a brilliant idea. It makes for fantastic word of mouth marketing. It can be quite tricky to do at first though, and will certainly take a bit of practice to get it down pat in real world "performances."

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by Dan C
I gave it three stars simply because it is a cool levitation illusion for a spectator to use and show. However, it isn't a new concept. Reminds me of another illusion by Andrew Mayne.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)