AERO STAND - Magic Device Holder


You won't believe your eyes when you see your own phone or mobile device floating freely in the air!

Aero Stand is a unique and magical way to display your device.  It really looks like your phone is levitating, with nothing above or below.

Magic Device Holder - iPod

Works with any mobile device.  Compatibility is not an issue since nothing actually plugs into the device.  It really is just an illusion!

All you need to do is set your phone on the specially designed earbud stand and viola!  Your mobile device is levitating in the air! 

Floating Device Holder - iPhone


The illusion is perfect and absolutely mezmerizing.  It's a great conversation piece you'll be proud to display at home or in your office.  And it's the PERFECT gift!

Each unit is hand-crafted by Steve Fearson.  It is a functional illusion, and a work of art.

The first 100 units will be signed and numbered.  These first 100 units are very special and bound to be a desirable collectible for years to come.



Please note that nothing is attached to the phone and nothing is plugged in to the phone.  The phone is resting comfortably and securely on a no-slip rubberized platform that is invisible from nearly all angles.

* There is still time to get your order in and receive yours before the holidays! 

As of today, the signed and numbered units are: UNAVAILABLE


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Customer Reviews:

by Ronald S
The Aero Stand is pretty cool. Not entirely baffling to people, but it does catch peoples eyes and at first they are surprised. It is definitely a successful talking point for your guests.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]