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Even a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System and it will be like you've moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned.

You can do card tricks all day that require tons of complex sleights and countless hours of practice and still not get the same reaction that you'll receive from performing one quick levitation. The levitation is the trick that your audience will remember and talk about long after your performance is over.

Float coins, rings, cards, candy, dollar bills and more!

Steve Fearson is recognized worldwide as the king of close up levitations. Now you can enjoy the benefits of nearly 20 years of experience as he shares his pet secrets, subleties and favored techniques for the first time on DVD with the Master Levitation System.

walk away from the levitating object!

Revealed for the first time is the enhanced Fearson Hookup. This exciting new advance in the technology that allows you to walk away from the object you are levitating and still maintain complete control over it. No reel or spooler can offer the degree of control you will have when you use the Master Levitation System.

This is the one and only system you will ever need to produce the effects you wish.
Nothing else compares.


This is the most powerful magic you can do and it's guaranteed to wow audiences of any age.


The great thing about this system is that you don't need to have a lot of experience or other magic knowledge. Learning to work this system really is a shortcut to becoming a well-respected magician. Learn to do just one of these effects well and you'll have established your reputation as a magician.

Perform up close, surrounded, in almost any situation you can imagine. Objects can float just inches from the face of your spectators, you can even float an object off of someone's hand or into their mouth with this system.

Steve shares tips and techniques from 20 years of experience, taking you straight to the top of the totem pole and saving you years of trial and tribulation. Some of these techniques have been a closely guarded secret until now. These are the things that have given him the edge on other performers when it comes to levitations. When it comes to levitations, the means are as important as the ways. Steve gives you both the ways and the means to be the best that you can be.

The Master Levitation System is

  • NOT a reel
  • NOT a spooler
  • NOT some pipe dream, gimmick or fad to lighten your wallet

The System is simply the most practical, professional, versatile and effective way to perform close up levitation. It makes all other levitation devices obsolete.

"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with. His ideas are fresh and original."
- David Copperfield


You're one click away from owning the best levitation system on the planet.  What are you waiting for?

Steve Fearson's Master Levitation System.  Your journey starts here.   

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by Arturo F
Amazing! This is the best Invisible Thread DVD I´ve ever seen, Steve did an amazing job!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by James C
It was a refreshing look into thread work. The DVD alone is worth the price. If your new or if you have been around for a while you will find it a great study.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Jim J
How do you get to be the cool kid on the block? You can either peddle some high grade blue meth with the local high school dropout, or preferably, you can float stuff. Since we don’t want to spend an extended amount of time in a very cramped cell with a very hairy guy named Bubba, we'll work on floating stuff. Lots of stuff. All the time. How do you avoid prison? By using Steve Fearson's Master Levitation System. Here's what you get: *The Master Levitation System dvd: almost 2 hours of detailed instruction. Expertly explained, no filler of fluff. Steve will take you, the neophyte, and mold you into a floating weapon of mass destruction. *Some genuine EZ strip Thread. This stuff is invisible. My eyesight is pretty good (20/15 for those of you keeping score) and even knowing what to look for I had a difficult time spotting it. *A sample of Vectra Virtuoso Expert Grade thread *A sample of Vectra X2 Stage Edition *A sample of the Original Vectra Line Super Strong. O

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by bevan m
this product is accurate and has a wide range of selections. the DVD IS WORTH THE MONEY let alone the materials supplied

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Gerald G
Another fantastic product from Mr.Fearson. Steve teaches you everything you need to blow peoples minds. I use it everywhere. I love to see people's reaction. Very POWERFUL!!! Great job Steve.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Where else would you find the best thread? Only by the master of levitation could make this incredible gimmick. Its so thin, so invisible. Even in the white background they can't see the thread. And also many bonuses included i have to see the list to mrntion how many bonus included in this kit. Recommended.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Scott F
One of the best deals in Magic. For $50 you get a complete set of thread and utilities to learn levitation. Close-up...Check. Heavier items...Check. Stage work...Check. You get something for every scenario, which will help you learn and decide what will work for you. You also get a video (CD and Download) which covers basic levitation as well as Fearson's floating cigarette (both with and without a cigarette.) Oh, did I menation, if you buy it here, you get a free Vectra Thread Bullet w/online video. (At the time of my purchase). This is a great little tool, and Steve explains why he prefers static thread over reels. You really need to check this out, especially if you are/have been afraid of thread!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by eric m
Great instruction and quality materials. As a newcomer to thread work, I appreciate the detailed and relevant suggestions and methodologies. The wax and Vectra threads are excellent to work with and I have already purchased additional supplies from Emagic. Thanks for making thread work fun. Eric.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Jacob H
As always Steve Fearson delivers an amazing product. The thread samples were generous, and there is enough to work with for quite a while. The gimmicks themselves are great, and I recommend having a real fork to switch out if you want to levitate the fork. Levitation is one of my favourites effects to perform, if not for an audience then for myself in the mirror. And now with the stronger thread it almost feels real: I can float heavier objects, making the feats even more impossible. Great product overall, I use it often, I highly recommend this to both those who wants to get into thread work and the professionals that use it already.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Elliott S
Best thread dvd ever. For any skill level, this is worth considering. I bought the floating cigarette booklet a while back, and this dvd was still worth the money. Along with the fearson hookup variants, you learn a few really cool ways to make spoolers so you can keep going when your thread breaks and there is lots of food for thought on here as well in addition to how to float food, cards, decks (yes decks), cigarettes, forks, ice, money, etc... I debated buying this for months and I wish I'd purchased it sooner.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by Sean F
Good Day Folks, I just received your email about the Master Levitation System. I have followed and studied Mr. Fearson's techniques for years. The MLS is the absolutely best, NUMBER ONE system for learning the art of thread work. Anyone interested in this art form SHOULD NOT pass up this priceless learning tool. And as always, there are a massive amount of teachers toting that there system is the best, not so. Mr. Fearson's MLS IS the definitive work on the subject. If you are just starting out in levitation or are a seasoned performer, this is the system you will need to advance your act to the next level! Magical Wishes To All, Sean D Fox Remember he rule of three, practice, practice, perform.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by chris p
This is the key to levitation and Steve is quite clear with his instructions and explains why you do it the way he tells you too. Well done Steve ;). p.s. your thread bullet kicks a spiders arse ;)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 39 reviews)

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