Groucho Glass


Record anywhere, undetected with GrouchoGlass Comedy Spywear!

They look like ordinary big nose glasses but the frame contains a hidden camera / HD video recorder with microphone.  They'll never suspect you're recording.  This clever design enables you to record in places where other recording glasses are prohibited.


Hidden DVR Eye Glasses

Useful for...

  • Recording Police Stops
  • Documenting Important Meetings
  • Visiting Strip Clubs
  • Or Record Your Own Amorous Adventures... Undetected!

You will be amazed by the video quality and ease of use.  This is serious spy gear.

Record video in full 1280x720px HD
Snap pictures in camera mode
Accepts any ordinary micro SD memory card for up to 32GB storage (card not included).
Recharge easily with the hidden USB port and included cable.

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