Cobra Hot Rod Mod


Brand New from Steve Fearson! Shift your Cobra Reel into Overdrive with the Hot Rod Mod!
Transform the functionality of your Cobra Reel by INCREASING or DECREASING both the POWER and SPEED, allowing you to work with the entire spectrum of Vectra threads! Yes, even the most delicate threads can now be used in the Cobra. 
Experience a huge INCREASE in power while working with Vectra X2 thread. Lift heavy objects like coins and more! It's actually strong enough to make a door slowly open using only the power of the reel. 

DECREASE the power and work with our incredible Virtuoso Expert Grade Thread. That's right, you can now load your Cobra with the most invisible thread on the planet allowing you to perform LITERALLY right under their noses! We've had many requests for this and honestly, it didn't seem like it would ever be possible because of the delicate natue of the Virtuoso thread, but it is now with the Hot Rod Mod and it's a thing of beauty. In fact, you can use ANY thread on the market including the Original John Haar, Wooly Nylon and more. 

The Hot Rod Mod consists of a set of varying sized spools, it's a manual rather than electronic mod so it doesn't add any bulk and does not require additional battery power. This one is a real game changer, if you wanted a lighter tension during ITR mode or have just been wishing you could use the most invisible threads possible, this is the answer.

Your Hot Rod kit includes access to an instructional video demonstrating the various functions and performance tips. Vectra Cobra Reel and Vectra Virtuoso Expert Grade Invisible Thread sold separately.

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Customer Reviews:

by Alan S
Wonderful addition to the Cobra. I received mine this Friday and put them to the test. It can actually open a door. I have steve's apple and it holds it with no problem on the thin reel. The slow and powerful movement is amazing. It can also lift a full paper napkin off the floor. Did it in my restaurant, flipped people out. GREAT JOB STEVE as always!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]