Liquid ASS - The Grand Master of Stink Pranks


You've tried fart spray.  You've tried stink bombs.  Are you ready to graduate to the next level?

Well we've got what you need young jedi...  It's Liquid Ass!

Yes, this is the world famous Liquid ASS spray known to millions as the most RANK smelling substance known to man.  One whiff of this and your victim will lose all sense of time, space and reason.  They will be reduced to thier most basic instincts , wanting only to flee and tear their nose from their face to escape the smell of Liquid ASS.
Liquid ASS is NOT just a fart or poo gag.
It is more equivalent to stealing the innocence away from a child.
Liquid ASS will not make you lose your sense of smell, although you'll wish you did.  In fact, it is safe to use and contains no harmful chemicals.  

It's chock-full of all natural, super potent nasty ASS!

If you could cram 100 dead skunks into a bottle it would not smell as bad as this stuff does. Just a few sprays on the bride's wedding bouquet goes a LONG way.
Liquid ASS is the choice of professional pranksters and has been featured on the Howard Stern Show and used by Howie Mandell on his prank show, Howie Doit.

When you're ready to pull a rank prank of historic proportions, the choice is clear.

You NEED Liquid ASS!


Liquid ASS is comedy GOLD!  The smell doesn't just last.  It actually gets stronger and stronger!  They'll think it's NEVER going away!
SPOIL any party!
RUIN Christmas!
LOSE your girlfriend!
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
Get a laugh in any public restroom, doctor's waiting room, funerals, you name it.  Liquid ASS can clear a room faster than a fire alarm.
We're so confindent you'll love Liquid ASS that we're backing it with this ASS KICKING GUARANTEE:  
Take a good deep whiff.  If Liquid ASS doesn't smell worse than any ASS related product you've ever smelled, just return the unused portion for a full refund.
Liquid ASS has been mentioned on more radio programs than we can list here.  Listen to what people who've actually been foolish enough to smell it have to say:

clip 1

clip 2

clip 3


Someone can tell you about the most delicious dish they ever had but until you taste it, you really can't understand.
Taste the rainbow.  Order your Liquid Ass today and smell for yourself..
DISCLAIMER:  By purchasing you agree not to hold us responsible for any damages caused by using Liquid ASS in a foolish manner.  Do not use in moving vehicles or anyplace that a people stampede would cause injury or death.  Do not use it on anyone who may be capable of kicking your ass.  You get the idea.



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Customer Reviews:

by Brandon F
This stuff is AMAZING for pranks!!! It smell just like what it's called but worse (I really don't want to get into the details LOL) deffintly recommended. Thanks emagicsupply :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]