Rubber Vomit!


It's fake but it sure looks real!

Crafted from the same high-tech polymers used to create the space shuttle and Nancy Pelosi, this rubbery frisbee of hork sauce will last for ages.

This is the Original Fake Vomit that has brought joy to thousands of people around the world.

How does it work?  It's simple bud.  Just lay it on any smooth surface and Viola'...  You've got sick!


Put it on the bar and watch your favorite bartender politely ask you to leave!
Lay it on the bus seat next to you and ride in comfort!
Kids! Plop this on your school desk, say the magic words "Swine Flu" and you can take the week off! (works at the office too!)



And yes, in a perfect world, this would reek like puke too but it doesn't.  It smells kind of good, like brownies.

Don't let that deter you though, nobody's going to get that close!  Order the Original Fake Vomit today.  IT'S BARFTASTIC!

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