Cards Pack - 5 Tricks In All!


Perform amazing levitations, penetrations and impromptu mindreading with playing cards!

This is creative card conjuring for magicians of all skill levels, from master magician and teacher Steve Fearson. 

Over 40 pages with 100 photographs and the templates you need to help you easily construct some of the most ingenious gimmicks you've ever seen, all from ordinary playing cards!

Easyfloat -  A selected card levitates above the deck. You wave your hand over and around the card and even wave another card underneath it proving no support. The card decends back to the deck and is immeditately handed out for examination!

Fearson’s Aces -   A spectator selects one of the aces from their own deck under the fairest conditions. You never even touch the cards yet you are able to reveal their selection! This alone is worth twice the price of the book!

ThumbThing -  Your thumb is stuck through a hole in two red cards which are stapled face to face. A blue card is pushed between the cards and right through your thumb. Talk about a paper cut!

Insertion -   You cause a card case to melt through a spectator’s signed card! After the case has melted halfway through, you open it and they can see their card inside. Finally the case is removed and the card is handed out for examination!  

Magician’s Levitation -  This amazing secret allows you to levitate playing cards, paper money and credit cards. And all with no threads, wires or magnets!

You'll have as much fun building these mini-illusions as you will performing them.

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