Vectra X2 Stage Edition

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I am now using Vectra X2 Stage Edition EXCLUSIVELY with my Mikame Dancing Cane and it is EXCELLENT.

Those of you using the cane are familiar with the problem. A small amount of nearly invisible mono-filiment comes with the cane and when it breaks then you are STUCK. Japan does not sell or send extra thread.

Steve's Vectra X2 Stage Edition is THINNER, more INVISIBLE and each spool comes with a copious amount of thread so you won't be in trouble when you need more. It is BLACK, making the invisibility even better than the original thread that comes with the cane!

It is good for stage only. Though it truly is invisible from a few feet away, the reflecting shine shows under certain lighting conditions in a "cabaret" setting. But experiment, you'll find lots of uses for it. it is quite strong.

I love it.

Richee Dee
Date Added: 08/10/2014 by Richard (Richee Dee) H