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I’m not a newbie to the IT world. I’ve played with loops, ITRs and the like. I love levitations but hated having the reels break or spending a lot of time stripping thread and trying to figure out a way to store it and carry it around without it turning into a rats nest. I tried this for about a year then gave up. A couple of my sons have shown a serious interest in magic, and asked if I knew how to make things float, cuz, you know, that’s what magicians do. I poked around and found some threads on the Amazing JoeJoe’s Web Spinner and ordered it. This device and dvd that came with it is awesome.
Bullet points:

•It’s crazy easy stripping thread with this. Can you walk in a semi-straight line? Then you can strip thread in seconds. Any length. You can have multiple lengths ready to go with a quick setup of one of the “parts” (when you get it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). I have a 10 ft set and 4 ft set ready to go

•JoeJoe goes into a very detailed explanation of the whole process of setting it up, from the very beginning of the process, to the modifications made along the way, to the final product. The problems, solutions, variations, everything is there for you. This cuts down the learning curve immensely, I’m a big proponent of understanding who-what-where-when-why behind something, I feel that it gives you a better understanding of the process and implementation as a whole, and a respect for the work put into it

•What I found to be one of the best parts of the dvd that came with it was JoeJoe’s explanation of lighting issues. How to set up, what to look for, how to manage the audience, it’s all broken down for you. Want to float a bill and have an audience member come up and pluck the bill from the air? JoeJoe explains exactly how to set it up so that they have absolutely NO inkling how you did it. The demo of the guy on the video trying to figure out how he was floating the bill says it all, he was crawling all over trying to figure it out. You could almost smell his hard drive burning.

•It’s stupid easy to transport it. No tangles, no fiddling to get it set up at the show. Set it up at home in seconds, throw it in your pocket and you’re ready to rock. One thing that I’ll point out that I discovered; I’m a t-shirt guy. If it has a collar and pockets I get a rash looking at it. You can absolutely use this in a t-shirt with a little thinking behind it. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but I will say it can be done.

I really love this system, if you’re sitting on the fence about it, I consider it money well spent. The device will last a long time, the instructions are detailed and spot on, and the uses are limited only to your imagination.
Date Added: 03/24/2015 by Jim J