Floating Apple Kit

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I have bought this effect. and I would like to place a review:

first of all the company...

I bought it exactly one week ago. It was shipped to me one week ago and I received it in 7 days. Being from Europe this is rather impressive. I had to wait 4 weeks from some things out of the states.

now the product:
What do you get in the package:

- a web spinner
- 4 cards of wax
- a small piece of wax (in the web spinner package)
- eve thread (seperate)
- john haar ez strip thread
- eve thread (with the web spinner)
- a dvd with extra handling for the web spinner by steve Fearson
- a realistic looking apple

I was very impressed with the shipping. The package was neatly packaged. I loved the effect in the demo. If you know the Fearson hookup then this is not something new and you could just as easily pick up the apple seperately. I experimented with the Fearson hookup but I was going to buy the web spinner seperately, but didn't because this package was much cheaper in my eyes (with the free shipping). To me it seems nice to make an apple float. The package has everything to get you started with making things float (especially if you have the Fearson master levitation dvd.

If you have: the Fearson master levitation dvd and this package, you won't need anything more (except you will run out of thread) but you wont need more knowledge.
Date Added: 12/28/2012 by mario d