Fearson's Thread Bullets

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Thread Bullets are only the beginning in this great lineup. PERFECT for stow and go magic. I have not been as excited about an upgrade to an existing utility type in years. full product line review now follows.

Posted: Jun 24, 2013 6:20pm
I have been floating crumpled dollars for nearly 25 years now and enjoy it almost as much as the spec does. I have recently seen many "new" hookups and ways to use ITR's . They are all good in their own way and I have purchased many of them. Then, I stumbled on some Steve Fearson items from his Vectra line. http://www.emagicsupply.com/index.php?main_page=index&cP-
WOW, yes it cost a few bucks, but I bought everything in the Vectra line (threadwise and thread bullets) I also bought the master levetation system (full of cool props) and the Amazing Joe Joes Web Spinner and dvd along with a downlad of Fearsons handling of the Web Spinner.

I say for my money, this is the last "new thing" I will ever need to buy
Haars EZ strip thread - strength 4/10 invisibility 9/10 little better than the old wooly nylon I have from 20 some years ago
Vectra Super Strength Original - strength 8/10 invisibility 8/10
Vectra Virtuoso Expert Grade - strength 4/10 invisibility 10/10
Vectra X2 Stage - strength 10/10 invisibility 7/10

Vectra Mono prestripped - strength 6/10 invisibility 10/10
EVE - strength 10/10 invisibility 8/10
(both superior to loops in my opinion)

Utility Devices
Web Spinner and Thread Bulles are both excelent alternatives to an ITR. 10/10 for both on ease of fixing on the fly in seconds. broken thread is no longer the issue it once was.

Master Wax - 10/10 all around. I woud never use another - period. availible in flesh color, black, white, red, blue that match playing cards or you can mix colors for something like a credit card.

Props, master levitation system comes with Ice cube, fork, floating deck gimmick dvd waxes and threads, you can also purchase a floating apple and a rock.
The Amazing Joe Joes Web Spinner comes with device and 2 types thread - dvd is also availible along with an instant download of Fearsons handing

All in all, I have not been this impressed with an entire line of anything in years. After recieving my items and playing around with them it has totally rekindled my love of levitation. Well Done Mr Fearson...
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Date Added: 06/24/2013 by Jeffrey A