X-Ray Vision : Subtle Mysteries #1

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I watched the demo and thought "perfect for doing Out Of This World" and I hit the order button.

I received the download immediately after ordering and it's typical Steve Fearson brilliant thinking. You can hand them a fresh, unopened, pack of playing cards and have them open it, shuffle the cards and go into it ( have them remove the advertising cards and jokers ).

Here's where I think it will be a killer presentation:

After you show this incredible psychic ability ( just use a few cards, no need to do an entire deck ), have them try it. This is where you go into Paul Curry's Out Of This World ( I recommend the UF Grant version ).

NOW...they will also be able to display there own incredible, innate, psychic ability. X-Ray Vision is a killer demonstration of psychic ability, with normal playing cards. It's organic, impromptu an will elevate the type of magic you perform!

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Date Added: 01/31/2013 by Zombie Magic