Web Spinner DVD - Amazing JoeJoe

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When the web spinner first came out I was surprised at how simple the spinner was, yet so functional. The spinner really does make working with thread so easy anybody can do it, and with work look like a real pro.
Then comes along the DVD. First off, production is top notch. You can see how Joe Joe sets things up and he really breaks it down for you. I've learned thing about my spinner that I didn't know (and I've had it for close to a year) so the information is great! Secondly, Joe Joe leaves nothing back, he even tells you what to do about lighting along with how to handle the heckler.
Joe Joe does the video right with real life reactions and real life situation. He shows you how he strips thread while working a gig!
If you have the web spinner get the DVD, if you don't get the DVD for the information then get a spinner!
Date Added: 03/02/2013 by Murl H