Vectra Virtuoso - Expert Grade Invisible Thread

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Virtuoso is EXACTLY what is says. Probably the most "invisible" thread I have ever handled. The opposite side of the coin is not quite as shiny. I have stripped some difficult thread in my time but this one posed the greatest difficulty for me. Not in the stripping but in keeping it from tangeling as you remove the individual fiber. I ended up scrapping half my sample due to this obstical . The next aspect that disappointed me was strength. This thread would be great for floating paper items. Even a whirling card proved too much for the thread. As or setting up prior to performing and the "carry" to the performance area, the thread did not cooperate. It easily tangled and became a knot of un-useable thread. On another note, it does absorbe vibration better than others
Date Added: 05/09/2013 by Timothy R