WWW - World Wide Wonder

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This is, really, a great idea. I have never had any interest in tricks that involve the use of smart phones, or anything else electronic. I figure, what's the point? This trick, though...Fearson has basically come up with a web-based rolling stack. (Sort of.) You could do the trick twice within a matter of minutes, for the same group, with a different outcome. You might even want to--it would probably fry the spectators, since they're the ones with control over device.

I think there's a sad trend in magic today, the one-trick DVD. Some of what I've seen lately, priced at $25 plus shipping, used to appear with four or five other tricks in $10 lecture notes. This trick, though, is very reasonably priced. The instructions are clear. The method is very well thought out. It's worth ten bucks just to see the thinking that went into it--but you certainly ought to get your money's worth performing it. If you have any kind of card-handling skill, and know people who have internet access--you couldn't do better than this for the price.
Date Added: 07/27/2013 by Mark G