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PHONE CARD Magic Trick...

Date Added: 10/04/2014 by Scott F

One of the best deals in Magic. For $50 you get a complete set of thread and utilities to learn levitation. Close-up...Check. Heavier items...Check. Stage work...Check. You get something for every scenario, which will help you learn and decide what will work for you. You also get a video (CD and Download) which covers basic levitation as well as Fearson's floating cigarette (both with and without a cigarette.)

Oh, did I menation, if you buy it here, you get a free Vectra Thread Bullet w/online video. (At the time of my purchase). This is a great little tool, and Steve explains why he prefers static thread over reels.

You really need to check this out, especially if you are/have been afraid of thread!