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X2 Stealth Hookup...

Date Added: 02/20/2015 by Steve B

Just picked up the download of X2 Stealth hookup :).
I have been tying myself in knots with a Thread bullet for about two years but I am not a thread worker by a long way. The visual impact of the Stealth hook up intrigued me, the chance to horizontally balance a borrowed pen, spoon, stick, etc from your finger had huge appeal.
Like most if you I messed about trying to work out the method myself before I gave in and purchased the download. I got quite close but it still could not make it look any good so I spent the $5 (£2.43 in real money) and it is awesome :)!!
As with all the emagicsupply videos it is well recorded and professionally produced. Steve assumes no prior knowledge and takes you through getting the set up correct. He then demos with a piece of white thread so you can see exactly how things work. Additionally there are a number of nuances he explains to make it look more effective.
Most importantly the trick melts minds! I have performed it with people as little as two feet away and they saw nothing of the hook up. In all this is an awesome illusion at an insanely low price