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Vectra Six Pack - The Complete Collection...

Date Added: 01/06/2014 by James D

I've been doing levitations with borrowed bills for years. But the bill spinning inside the glass for LEVITATION IMPOSSIBLE seemed just that: impossible. I say that because the ad said the glass isn't gimmicked and you can borrow a bill ( if you accept tips working in a restaurant, you have to perform an incredible trick so they will let you keep the bill ).

I watched the video instructions. It's an effect where the secret is just as amazing as the trick itself!

1) ZERO sleight of hand involved. Anyone can do this.

2) The ad is 100% accurate. No body loads, the bill can be borrowed and any glass can be used ( the glass is not gimmicked in any way.

I'm waiting for the gimmicks to be mailed, but I had what I needed around the house, so I could start doing this right away. This is a trick that looks even more amazing in person.

I rarely buy new magic because most stuff that comes out is just a rehash of magic that has already been released. LEVITATION IMPOSSIBLE is new. There's nothing like this out there. It looks like a Massachusetts Institute of Technology physics experiment with million dollar equipment.

If you are fooled by what you saw on the trailer, you'll be just as blown away when you learn the secret and perform it.