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I don't want to give away the secret so bear with me.

Steve Fearson has created a very inventive way to float an 'object' in a glass or other clear container.
His explanation is clear and well demonstrated.

I like the idea of combining multiple techniques in his "advanced handling section".
It is obvious that Steve wants you to be a success with this and I will add this to
my parlor show (after some practicing of course :D )

This illusion reminds me of what a Master Magician like Steve Cohen would do.
I saw Steve Cohen's performance live and he was spectacular. I wondered the method
he used. Steve Fearson's method could easily replace Mr Cohen's method (in my opinion).
This method is that good.

And besides, Steve Fearson is simply fun to watch so you will probably really
enjoy the entire presentation.
Date Added: 02/03/2014 by Stephanie B