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When you think of Levitation and you then hear Steve Fearson, one thing comes to mind: IT.

Having purchased the Master Levitation System recently I started looking at other offerings from Steve Fearson, and was intrigued by Levitation Impossible.

First, if you haven't seen it check it out here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkQ6H5m3Kio

Ok, are you back? Did you see that Bill Spin?, OMG, DID YOU SEE THAT BILL SPIN?!

So, I took the dive, and I bought it. And I opened the envelope and I said, huh? How does that do that bill spin? So I typed in the secret website (that is how you get the video content) and I sat back. Wow, I was really suprised that what I was seeing was being done using the method enclosed. The method, in my opinion, is so far from what we traditionally think of leviation, (well maybe not so far, but the primary method is not IT, it is the other thing...)

So, the effect comes with two versions the Basic and Advanced. The Advanced does combine use of IT, but, again, it is not the primary feature here. And honestly the basic method is all you really need. Mike Close talked about Levitation/PK in his Workers books, and his theory is to keep the movements "small" and subltle. I think the basic routine really does this.

Let me sum up the basic routine: A bill and glass are burrowed, the bill levitates inside the glass floats in mid air and spins. The bill drops out, and it is returned to the spectator. Ok, it isn't one sentence, but it is pretty close.

This really is a strong illusion, again, the method is so simple, yet visually decieving. OK, so here's the catch, well two.

1. You will need to practice. One of the biggest problems is people who do levitations without practicing. You need to know how to hold the glass to look delicate. If the bill truly could float you would move "slowly, and lightly", there is a touch that should be learned.

2. There are angles. You can't do this with people behind you, but if you are working for people in a parlor setting, or perhaps between 120/90 degrees to your front you should be good.

Best part is, both of these things are easy to overcome. A little time, and a little audience management you and you should be good to go. I am considering using this as part of a longer PK effect. Cause a Pen to fall of the top of the glass, then cause the bill to float and rotate in the glass (maybe then cause the glass to float, or do you think that is too much.

The Advanced handling does add some nuances that some may like, but I will work the basic routine and stick to hitting them quick and hitting them hard. I would recommend this effect if you are looking at adding a PK effect to your act, or you want to fry some friends at a dinner party. Again, with the angles you would have to be very careful in a full walk around arena, but you could use it in certain venues.
Date Added: 10/25/2014 by Scott F