Vectra Cobra G2 Electronic Invisible Thread Reel

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The cobra Reel has some wonderful features.
The EASE of which you can fix a broken thread is fantastic and you can switch out the "bullet Thread" for one using a different TYPE of thread with the same ease that you can repair a broken thread although I have found that the "VECTRA" thread works best. The ultra thin "VIRTUOSO" thread seems TOO thin to work with in the reel, it breaks just as soon as I attempt to reel it in.

I will use the nearly invisible VIRTUOSO thread to perform miracles using Steve's classic thread hook up over the head. (floating cigarette).

This device is electronic and MODULAR! it gives you three different options (so far) as to how you want the reel to act in regards to the status of the thread's "taught"ness or lack of altogether by switching out different "plug" in switches.

I love this device as I do all of Steve's various inventions and methods and feel that it is still under development in that by reducing the battery and motor size, steve will be able to produce this device at HALF the width.

If he succeeds at this it will be the best reel out there. BUT please don't let this side thought of mine keep you from purchasing one, because as I do with all of my other professional equipment I am going to buy another as a back-up.

I like it and will use it in my act.
HIGHLY recommended!
Date Added: 12/20/2014 by Richard H