Vectra Cobra G2 Electronic Invisible Thread Reel

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I just love my Cobra! I used to hate using an ITR because the thread used to break all the time and the thread replacement was a hassle. Not so with the Cobra. The fact that it uses the Thread Bullet makes things so much easier. I was also worried about the electronics, but everything fits so nicely in a little plastic box and is very well put together. I can tell Steve worked really hard on this one.

I use the pressure switch most of the time and hide the device in a card box that goes in my shirt pocket for perfect stealth. The applications seem to be endless...and there are other switches to choose from that work really well depending on what you want do. It is worth the investment. Steve is a great innovator of thread magic. And if you haven't heard yet, his Vectra thread is by far the strongest thread on the market. Get it!
Date Added: 01/12/2015 by Marc P