Vectra Cobra G2 Electronic Invisible Thread Reel

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I've owned every IT dispensing/retracting apparatus on the market, both manual and electronic. The Vectra Cobra surpasses all of them. It's more than a dispenser of IT, it allows you to make objects look like they are really floating.

Fearson's Vectra thread has become the gold standard. Anytime someone comes out with a new reel, every asks "can you use Vectra with it"?

No longer! Because the Cobra was invented by the same guy that invented Vectra: Steve Fearson!

There isn't a reel on the market that gives you the control over IT like the Cobra and control is what using IT is all about. Without it, objects dance unnaturally. With the Cobra, they just...float.

Stop using reels that never live up to their ad claims. Start using the greatest invention since the reel itself, The Vectra Cobra!
Date Added: 01/12/2015 by Christopher K