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X2 Stealth Hookup...

Date Added: 04/01/2010 by Rod M

I ordered the Master Wax along with the Vectra Thread. I've been playing with my Master Wax now for two days and must say I am very pleased (and surprised) that it lives up to the claims in the description 100%. Yes, it's strong. No, the thread doesn't pull out of it like other waxes. This is all cool, but I am most impressed with the fact that I have literally stuck this tuff to everything in my house (cards, soda cans, wedding ring, and even glass) and it comes off completely clean, no residue! You can now float that card and hand it out without someone finding what looks like dried buger residue on the back of the card. Oh yea, and the color is great, too! Great stuff, highly recommended for all your wax work and if you do thread work this is a must have, end of story!