Original Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread

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Ok, first you have to strip it. I found anything over 10 ft is next to impossible. Next, the more strands you strip the less strong it becomes. That being said it is probably the strongest IT that I have found to date. You can still see it sometimes close up but from a few feet (especially on stage) I doubt anyone would see it. I have used many brands (some no longer available) but this is the one for strongest. It still breaks just about half as often un-expectedly. I have used it in ITR's and it is the best for that also but again still will break, tangle etc etc etc the first time I used my ITR I went through about 20ft of thread from it breaking and such. If I had to reload the ITR 10ft at a time I would have been REALLY POed!
It is not a miracle as the videos describe but more of a lesser evil.
Date Added: 12/17/2013 by James H