EVE - Fearson's Triple Vectra™ Elastic Invisible Thread

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Best elastic thread ever, if you want an elastic thread that doesn't break easily and makes you work with no worries this is a definite buy product. I don't have any problems making my own loops and the loops I made with this, I can use them for a really long time, one spool is already too much - even if a loop breaks, you can tie it back on if you happen to find it, just make sure to get all the tips on loops before using them or anything. Also this lets you try different visibilities, if you want a more invisible one then just strip it in half since it has three layers and there you go - Steve fearson has a tutorial on that that will come with the product :)
(Quick tip : If you are buying this to do some street magic like the haunted deck in spectator's hands, make each loop from a strand of about 16 cm - that seems to be the ideal size for me)
Date Added: 09/28/2013 by ibrahim a