"The effect actually causes the spectator to experience a mystical sensation, the
feeling of an outside force or presence at work. I know of no other magic trick that does
that. I do not even feel comfortable calling it a magic trick."


The document was written by an individual who has reportedly rubbed shoulders with many of the world's most famous modern psychics as well as several of today's top theatrical magicians. The individual uses the alias, "Station Manager".

When I first learned of the documents I was told that the writer used an alias because he had put himself in serious danger by revealing this information. After reading the material, I do believe he may be serious.

Portions of the document seem to be delusional ramblings but they strike a chord deep in my consciousness at the same time. If this material affects the mind as the author supposes it could be very dangerous indeed.

The most intriguing thing about the entire thing to me is that the author states that he has rubbed shoulders with the top magicians and psychics of our time. But he details the development of the procedure in a story about being confronted by aliens!

He states that he was confronted by aliens during a sleep paralysis episode and was shown the procedure at which time he felt that his mind was disintegrating. He states that his mind was dismantled by the aliens and only upon rebuilding it piece by piece was he able to reconstruct their system.. from the inside out.

At any rate the author leaves us wondering whether he was the originator of the procedure described, or if he considered the psychics he was dealing with to be in some way the aliens he talks about.


Without a doubt, the knowledge in this document goes far beyond any magic trick I've seen.

The effect actually causes the spectator to experience a mystical sensation, the
feeling of an outside force or presence at work. I know of no other magic trick that does
that. I do not even feel comfortable calling it a magic trick.

Even the most complex mechanical illusions can not achieve the effect that this routine has on the human mind. With a normal magic trick we often take a single interesting principle an make it into a trick. Some especially devious tricks use more than one principle. This routine is a multi level mind trip like I have never seen before.

The best way to explain it would be to compare it to a good chess player. A good chess player thinks a few moves into the future. You need a fairly advanced mind to operate efficiently at these deep levels of concentration. This routine layers many many levels of deception. At least 6 that I can see. By the end of the procedure the truth is buried under so many layers of deception that for all effects and purposes, it is no longer out there.

The other point that strikes me about the procedure is the way it utilizes the mind of the spectator. You enslave their mind, turning it into a mechanical demon which is going to fool them for you. When you finally flip the switch their mind reacts as predictably as a computer or a robot. Or a toaster for that matter. It's pretty scary.

The author does mention a companion piece to this document. Unfortunately I was not able to obtain a copy of this piece, which the author refers to as "The Primer". I have no idea what it was supposed to have contained. It is suspected that the actual text of "The Primer" contained a coded message which reveals the identity of the writer. I doubt that is true as I don't see how that could possibly be of benefit to him.

Throughout the manuscript the author makes statements that initially sound delusional but seem to be backed up by facts. He delivers a warning at the end of the document that is both surprising and frightening. This is one heck of an interesting read.

The original document consists of several double sided, hand written pages which have been reproduced as faithfully as possible in a high quality downloadable document.

"The PROCEDURE is the closest thing you will find to an actual spell or magic appearing here on earth. A strange sequence of moves and words allow you to create an alternate reality for your spectator where you are able to actually read their mind and reproduce their drawings. There is no evidence of your crime. Instead there is undeniable proof to verify that the experience was in fact REAL..

And they will literally go crazy before they figure it out."

Dated August 31st, 2003
Station Manager

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Disclaimer: This effect intended to be used for entertainment purposes only. We can accept no responsibility for any psychological or financial damage caused by intentional misuse of the effect or the principles revealed in this ebook. The document does explore peculiar psychological concepts and conditions which may be unsettling to some.

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