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Cobra Extension Cable 3ft Cobra Extension Cable 3ft
Sale: $5.53

Extension cable for your Vectra Cobra Electronic Invisible Thread Reel. 3 feet long, male to female.   Attach Cobra switches to this cord to activate the reel from a switch hidden in your...
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Cobra ITR Mode Switch Cobra ITR Mode Switch
Sale: $9.00

This switch puts your Cobra into ITR mode, always active. Allowing you to use the Cobra like a mechanical ITR. New flat edged design won't roll away from you on a flat surface. Also available in...
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Cobra Mercury Tilt Switch Cobra Mercury Tilt Switch
Sale: $17.34

Tilt switch for the Vectra Cobra Electronic ITR. This sensitive mercury switch allows for activation of your Cobra depending on orientation. Also available in the full Cobra package. Guaranteed for...
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