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Cobra Extension Cable 3ft Cobra Extension Cable 3ft

Extension cable for your Vectra Cobra Electronic Invisible Thread Reel. 3 feet long, male to female.   Attach Cobra switches to this cord to activate the reel from a switch hidden in your...
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Cobra ITR Mode Switch Cobra ITR Mode Switch

This switch puts your Cobra into ITR mode, always active. Allowing you to use the Cobra like a mechanical ITR. New flat edged design won't roll away from you on a flat surface. Also available in...
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Cobra Mercury Tilt Switch Cobra Mercury Tilt Switch

Tilt switch for the Vectra Cobra Electronic ITR. This sensitive mercury switch allows for activation of your Cobra depending on orientation. Also available in the full Cobra package. Guaranteed for...
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Cobra Programmable Timer Module Cobra Programmable Timer Module

Automate your Cobra with the brand new Programmable Timer Module!   About the size of a deck of playing cards, the timer can be set to activate the reel when you want, run the motor for as...
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Sly News Tear (Download) - Tony Clark Sly News Tear (Download) - Tony Clark

Tony Clark has taken the the Slydini Tear and added a flash restoration climax to create a Torn and Restored Newspaper that simply can't be beat. Now available as a download, you can learn this...
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